A lace group in Cambridgeshire since 1982

Christmas meeting

We enjoyed festive (non-alcoholic!) drinks and nibbles, while trying to master the art of making decorative Chinese good luck knots with red and green cord.


OIDFA goes Dutch

Our November meeting was spent viewing Kath’s slides and goodies purchased at this year’s OIDFA event in Zaandam.

Lace Day 2019

See more information about our speaker a traders at Lace Day 2019, and find out how to buy your ticket. Lace Day will be on 9 March 2019.

Lace Trade Fair

The Makit Fenland Fair is on this Saturday, 6 October in the Burgess Hall, St Ives. More details can be found here

Bring your pillow

The October meeting is a working evening.

National Lacemaking Day

We celebrated the occasion by holding a lace demonstration and workshop at the Norris Museum in St Ives. A number of visitors successfully completed key ring tags, and were all very proud of their first piece of lace!

A Working Milliner

A fascinating evening learning all about the craft of millinery and hat making from Michelle, and viewing some of her fabulous creations.

The Autumn season of lace….

After the summer break, we begin on Thursday 6 September with speaker Michelle Poyer-Sleeman and 

‘A Working Milliner’

Programme change

The June meeting will now be a working evening, so bring your lace pillow along on 7 June.


After the business matters were out of the way we worked on our latest projects. Some of us continued with the quadrant designs we began in April.