A lace group in Cambridgeshire since 1982

Lace during lockdown 

Bobbin lace making is one of the many crafts that has kept people occupied during lockdown. Most lacemakers, having learnt the basic stitches, are able to follow the technical drawing for a pattern and have a stash of threads. The one thing they might not have is a new pricking to follow.

Xandra Baillieu, a teacher at the KantCentrum in Bruges, realised this and set up a Virtual Lace Group ‘ A P-lace Together’ accessed through Facebook. On 3 April 2020 she published a pricking and Technical drawing for a piece of Torchon lace. The word spread and the group now has over 2000 members worldwide. Each Wednesday a new pattern designed by one of the KantCentrum teachers or students is published, totalling 14 patterns to date, and members are encouraged to post pictures of their interpretations of the designs. 

Here are 4 made by Kath.

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